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Author of Under Different Stars

Amy A. Bartol
Amy A. Bartol

Secondborn Serial Author: Secondborn (Book 1) Traitor Born (Book 2) Rebel Born (Book 3) Premonition Series Author: Inescapable (Book 1) Intuition (Book 2) Incendiary (Book 3) Iniquity (Book 5) Author of the Kricket Series: Sea of Stars under Different Stars (Book 1) (Book 2) Darken the Stars (Book 3) The Divided - A short story about Science Fiction Romance, included in the Take Me To Your Reader: An Otherworld Anthology. Amy A. Bartol is... the bestselling author of The Secondborn Series, The Premonition Series, The Kricket Series, USA Today and Wall Street Journal, and a short story entitled "The Divided." She has received numerous awards for her writing and has been nominated for several more. She's a Hillsdale College graduate which inspired her Premonition Series setting. Amy lives with her husband and two sons in Michigan but she frequently travels, sparking her imagination to create more worlds like those with hidden angels, doorways to alien landscapes, and fantastic futuristic societies and technologies. For more information, visit the Amy website on: https://www.amyabartol.comREAD MORE

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Reed, I know that you think that it's better to wait until I evolve fully, but I don't think I can wait any longer..... You are my blood now and I'm yours. We are bound to each other in every way possible but one and I.. I don't know where I'm going, I don't even know what I've become, but I know that if I am with you, then I'm free...I'm home. Let me show you what you mean to me. Let me pull you into my world, as you have pulled me into yours. have to get rid of my wings!" I plead
"But, I like your wings," he says, smiling sweetly while stroking them again.
I swear, if he keeps doing that I might purr like a kitten

No one is protecting you. You are all alone, aren’t you? he asks while he lets my elbow drop from his hand.
I can no longer see his face clearly because my tears are making it impossible, but unfortunately for him, I’ve found what I’ve been searching for in my bag. I don’t need anyone to protect me when I have this! I say in a desperate tone.
Pushing the Taser into his side, I release the safety and pull the trigger. The hot, kinetic sizzle of electricity snarls through the gun and into his torso, but Reed doesn’t fall down and start twitching like in the demonstration video. Instead, his eyebrows shoot up in an expression somewhere between disbelief and amazement as he asks, Are you serious?

You have made no secret of the fact that you hate me.
His eyes soften again. Hate you? he asks. Not as much as you might think. And then there is the…what was it…butterflies? That can’t be a bad thing, can it?

He isn't wearing a shirt.... He shouldn't just walk around like that; it's obscene to have to look at someone so perfect. He should do the world a favor and eat a donut or two.

You are afraid of me? Reed asks me, sounding unpleasantly surprised.
Of course I’m afraid of you. You’re menacing, you’re overbearing, you’re arrogant, and if you don’t see that, then you can just add high to the list, I say, using my fingers to tick off his shortcomings.

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