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The writers from our time and in times gone by have created the ocean of books for us. Finding a good book is like finding a map of the treasure island in the vast ocean. As you embark on the journey with the help of that map, you lose the sight of your existing world and find yourself a new life with the treasures and characters on that island. They make you a little bit wiser, a little bit crazier.

We at Readershook strive to guide the hook that you have thrown in the vast ocean to find a good book for you. To do this, we need the help of every reader who has read any book (have travelled to any treasure island in the vast ocean). At the island, you might have found the treasure or you might not have. It's your duty to help others in making a conscious decision before they embark on the same journey. Who knows maybe in 2096, inspired by your review of a book, a young girl decides to read about stars and later she becomes the first inter-galactic traveller.

What I can do at Readershook?

  • — Find a book recommended by friends, fellow readers and critics in different genres
  • — Read reviews and add your own review
  • — Discuss insights and thoughts with fellow readers and authors
  • — Read and collect the best quotes

I have suggestion for Readershook...

We are open to suggestion and will make the Readershook what you want it to be. Drop us a mail at info@readershook.com

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